Billiard Ball Facts


The quality, cleanliness and wear of your Billiard Balls can have a huge impact on your shot.
Different manufacturer's produce different quality Billiard Balls. Top quality balls are consistent in weight and roundness. Centennials, with the black line that circles the number field, usually perform more consistent and are more accurate. This is because they go through more quality checks than other balls.
Billiard Balls tend to get dirty and scuffed over time. This can affect the throw of your shot. You will need to shoot harder or over cut your shots a little to compensate. The older and more worn the balls get, they will likely become out of round. This will keep them from rolling straight. You will need to make harder shots to prevent roll-off.
There are several different types of Cue Balls that are most widely used. The one that seems to be the most popular is the Red Circle Cue Ball. It weighs less than the other numbered balls making it easier to draw. The Red Circle Cue Ball comes with the Aramith ball sets which are very popular.
The Blue Circle Cue Ball comes with the Centennial Ball Sets. The Blue Circle Cue Ball is the exact same weight as the other numbered balls. This is important due to the fact that the physics of Billiards is based on the Cue Ball and object balls being the same diameter and mass.
Other types of Cue Balls can either be oversized, which is difficult to play with or heavier than the other balls. The heavier Cue Balls are usually used with coin operated Pool Tables. The weight allows the Cue Ball to operate the mechanism that returns the Cue Ball to you in case of a scratch.
If you are playing with a heavier Cue Ball you will need to hit the ball lower. It will also affect how you control the speed of the Cue Ball.
When you are between games, you should wipe off the chalk and other marks from the Cue Ball. This will keep your shots and the friction with the Pool Table cloth more consistent.
Many pool halls allow their Cue Balls to become overworn and do not wipe them off between players. Those who play most or all of their games at a pool hall sometimes carry their own Cue Ball to play with. To keep other players from thinking you are carrying around a trick ball, you should carry a well known Cue Ball such as a Red Circle or a Blue CIrcle.
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If you have your own Pool Table and it gets a moderate amount of use, you should replace your Cue Ball once per year. The other numbered balls only need to be replaced once every four to five years.
The better quality Billiard Balls you buy, the longer they will last and the better they will play. If you play quite a bit, it is best to spend a little extra on your Billiard Balls so you will not have to replace them as often,

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