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Being able to perform at will, in a harmonious connection with your thoughts and actions is the very definition of Consistency. The main prerequisite for consistency is confidence. Confidence is nothing more than having faith in your abilities. Faith that you can and will achieve a certain task or goal.
Most serious billiard players work hard to bring consistency to their game. Being able to perform the way they know they are capable of performing, and to be able to do this every time with every shot, will allow them to win more games, raise their league average and win more tournaments.
The main reason for being an inconsistent billiard player is because you are having problems with the fundamentals of the game. An inconsistent billiard player does not hit the cue ball the same way every time. When this happens your mind begins to play tricks on you. You will start to think that something is wrong with you and then you will begin to get down on yourself. This can cause you to go into a slump where you have no confidence at all. It can cause your stroke to be unsure and tentative and things can only get worse from there. You will start to change your stance, your grip,and even your style of play.
Learning how to hit the same shot the exact same way, every time will build the confidence you need to become a consistent billiard player. Being able to trust yourself to turn in a fine performance will allow you to win more billiard games, more billiard tournaments, and raise your league average. You will also start to enjoy the game more. Consistency is worth working for. In order to achieve consistency you will need to take a professional approach to the fundamentals of the game.
The first thing you will need is a good grip. Your grip is directly related to a good stance. The true measurement of a good grip and stance is in the quality of hit. They both must work together.
When you grip the cue, you should not feel as though you are reaching down the stick. Your grip should allow you to hit the ball with a fluid, controlled motion. This is easier to achieve when you have your hand in a comfortable position that is not too far up or too far down the cue stick.
Your stance must put you in a position where you can see the angle of the shot. If you have having a hard time seeing the shot, it can be corrected in your stance. You must be well balanced in your stance so that if someone pushes you, it will not cause you to fall over. If you are right handed you need to stand so that your right shoulder is in a direct line with your target.
If you allow your mind to become diverted from the fundamental approach to shooting balls, you will have problems in every aspect of the game. When you step up to take your shot, you should not be thinking about anything else except getting the ball into the pocket. In order to succeed with the shot in front of you, your eyes must be able to follow the ball to the pocket right from your stance.

When you find a grip and stance that is comfortable, consistency will come the more you practice. It is best if you can practice at least one hour every day. Just remember that everyone has bad days and it is important not to beat yourself up when you have one. Just take a deep breathe and do not try to rearrange a grip and stance that have been working for you over one bad day. Over time these days will be fewer and farther between because, after all, practice makes perfect.

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