Billiard Accessories and Decor

The right accessories can improve your game and prolong the life of your Billiard Equipment

Your pool table and cue sticks can be quite an investment. No matter which Cue Sport you enjoy playing, it makes sense to buy the right accessories to protect your investment and make your Billiard Equipment last longer.
Your pool table is the heart of your billiard room. You should decide on a size that will allow enough room around it to make your shots. A Pool Table Cover will keep it from fading, from spills and from little, sticky fingers when not in use.
Cue Sticks are the next important billiard game investment you will make. Serious players have a Break Stick, a Jump Stick and a Cue Stick to play the rest of the game with. A Cue Stick Rack can keep your cue sticks from warping and getting damaged.
It is important to keep extra Tips and Ferrules on hand. Tips vary in diameter from 12mm to 14mm. The perfect tip is hard and slightly round, not flat. Players who like to use a lot of english on their shots prefer an even rounder tip.
The right Tip Tools will keep you from having to replace the Cue Tips as often. For example, a Tip Shaper will shape your tip to the desired roundness and a Tip Tapper will knock off excess chalk and roughen the tip so it will hold on to the chalk it needs.
Ferrules should be able to take a heavy pounding. The best materials to look for are Aegis, Melamine or Fiber. These materials are almost impossible to break.
Buying a good named brand Billiard Chalk will improve friction and make miscues a thing of the past. You should chalk your Cue Tip before each shot.
While all named brand chalks are usually of good quality, different people like different chalk manufacturers. You may want to try out a few before you buy a lot of one kind to see which one you like the best.
Buying other types of accessories for your Billiard Room can also improve your shot. A Billiard Lamp can give the perfect lighting over the pool table which will allow you to see better when you make your shot. A good, straight Ball Rack can give you a tighter rack to help give you a better break.
Whether you use your pool table as a place for family and friends to come together and have lots of fun, or as a Billiard Room where serious games are played over cigars and brandy, you will find the perfect Billiard Accessories and Decor to make it a room you will love.

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